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PART I: Nikolas invites Emily (Natalia Livingston) to join him on a romantic jaunt through Europe. Maxie taunts Spinelli about Lulu hitting the sheets with Logan. Carly glumly admits to Jason that her marriage may be on the rocks. Meanwhile, Jax comes to the hospital to be tested for STDs and bumps straight into his brother. Emily gently reminds a disappointed Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) why she can't leave town in the middle of her internship.

Lulu encourages Logan and Spinelli to make peace with one another.

PART II: Ric prods his father to admit the real reason he's in Port Charles. Jax icily orders Jerry to stay out of his life from now on. Though Logan tries to make nice, Spinelli refuses to alter his low opinion of the unworthy one. Jax apologizes to Emily for defending Jerry after the Metro Court fiasco, then is astonished when she urges him not to give up on his brother.

Kate thanks Trevor for getting her off the hook with the district attorney.

PART III: Later, Trevor tells Jerry his client is interested in a possible business deal. Lulu assures Logan she's very clear on what she wants. After receiving a clean bill of health, Jax returns home and attempts to convince his agitated wife that he will never leave her again. A seething Nikolas squares off with Russell after the doctor criticizes Emily's work ethic. Spinelli daydreams about winning the heart of the woman he loves.

Maxie spies on Logan and Lulu. Jason issues a warning to Trevor.

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