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Jax gets his hands on a cellphone and makes a call but Irina prevents him from talking to Jerry. She then takes a shot at him but Jax is able to avoid getting hit which impresses his captor. She again talks about having sex with him but he refuses until she threatens to kill Carly.


Finally arriving in Caracas, Carly (Laura Wright) realizes that Jerry is injured though he refuses to reveal who stabbed him. As he develops a fever, Jerry imagines Carly is Irina and kisses her. On the stand, Elizabeth lies to Ric that Lucky is her baby's father. As Lucky stares in disbelief, Elizabeth then stands up for her friend. Once court is recessed, Ric tells Elizabeth that he didn't mean to hurt her but she claims he enjoyed it, calling him a spiteful man who only wants to hurt his brother. When she calls him pathetic, he tells her to blame herself.


Elizabeth breaks down in Jason's arms. As they both wonder why she did it, Sonny hints to Jason that he'll take care of him should he end up being sent to prison. Sam warns Jason that Elizabeth could go to jail for perjury should the truth ever come out about Jake. She points out that this means he'll never be able to claim the boy as his son. Lucky lays into Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) for keeping Elizabeth's affair from him but Nikolas explains that they did so for fear he would go back to the pills.


Lucky later asks Elizabeth who is Jake's father. Logan takes Lulu to Vista Point where she admits that in spite of how long she has lived in Port Charles, she's never been there before. Their afternoon is spoiled when it suddenly starts to rain but the two use the moment to kiss. After seeing Kate having a great time with his sons, Sonny urges her to be more like the woman he knew back in Bensonhurst.

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