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PART ONE: Jerry warns Carly that Anthony Zuccara may be targeting her and her children as he goes after Sonny. Meanwhile, Trevor points out to Jason why he doesn't want him as an enemy. Ric taunts Sonny about Kate's close ties to the district attorney's loathsome father.

PART TWO: Logan spots Maxie spying on his intimate encounter with Lulu and hastily puts the brakes on their passion. Later, Maxie trails the couple to the carnival, where an exasperated Coop catches her skulking through the bushes. Jax angrily reminds Jerry that he can take care of his family by himself. Spinelli breaks up a hissing match between Lulu and Maxie (Kirsten Storms).

PART THREE: Ric orders Logan to keep him updated about the coming mob war. Sonny confides to a sympathetic Carly how badly Trevor's arrival in Port Charles has complicated his life.

Emily is unsettled by Nikolas' overbearing behavior. A heartbroken Spinelli complains to Jason about Lulu passing him over for pond scum like Logan. Ric tells Coop his informant inside the Corinthos camp will soon provide them with enough ammo to charge Sonny with conspiracy to commit murder.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) spots Trevor and Kate in a lip lock.

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