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As the episode begins, a smug Ric offers Jason a plea bargain. Upon hearing this, Emily is outraged and urges Jason not to take it from that "slimy toad." Apologizing that he found out this way that she slept with Jason, Elizabeth lies to Lucky (Greg Vaughan) and says he is really Jake's father.

Episode Synopsis

Insisting she's not in love with Jason, Elizabeth claims she slept with Jason after finding Lucky in bed with Maxie. He reminds her of how he was forced to apologize for his own affair.

When he rejects her, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) runs to see Jason.

Claiming he can't tell anyone that he is Jake's father for fear Elizabeth would be facing perjury charges, Sam tells Jason that he has unknowingly given Elizabeth everything she wanted.

He warns her to keep this secret or else he'll reveal she was Maureen's accomplice in the kidnaping of the baby. After the downpour ends, a wet Lulu urges Logan to continue with the picnic and the two kiss.

As he tries to kiss her, Carly pushes Jerry back and tells him Irina is dead. She slaps him out of his delusions and leaves to get some medical help for his fever. She returns and sews up his stab wound. Later, the two are in more danger as someone breaks into their hotel room and starts shooting.

After admitting to Clarice that she had fun playing with Sonny's sons, Kate saves Morgan's life after Michael alerts her that his brother slipped into her pond to fetch their ball.


Relieved they are okay, Sonny thanks Kate who collapses. An amused Noah overhears Robin worrying to Patrick about her mother's interest in the doctor.

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