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Lucky promises Sam he'll protect her. Johnny pulls away from Lulu and tells her that this can't happen again. Carly (Laura Wright) insists Sonny call off the hit on Johnny, saying that he's only trying to protect Kate.

Det. Harper comes to Sam's to investigate the text messages. Tracy (Jane Elliot) tells Luke that he can't leave the hospital and he realizes that Monica (Leslie Charleson) never finished the surgery.

Carly defends Johnny to Sonny, asking him to think before he acts. Trevor tells Johnny that Sonny tried to kill him at the Metrocourt. Coop visits Maxie (Kirsten Storms), telling her how sorry he is about Georgie.

Soon after sleeping with Liz, Jason tells her that he has to go.

Trevor tries to control Johnny, convincing him to go after Sonny. Lulu goes to give Maxie her support but she's not so willing to receive it. 

Jason tells Elizabeth that they still can't be a family as his life is too dangerous for her. She doesn't care and tells him she loves him and wants this life. He caves and says that they can have a life together.

Kate tells Sonny that she loves him and is willing to be a target if it means being with him. 

Carly goes to Lulu and expresses her concern for her relationship with Johnny. Elizabeth and Jason leave the hotel separately, with a plan to start a new life as a couple.

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