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  • A miserable Sonny tries to convince himself that Kate's leaving is for the best but he clearly feels otherwise. Even a visit to Carly can't shake Sonny's mood.
  • Kate is equally lonely and miserable as she ends up spending the holiday alone in her hotel. An emotional Maxie gives Felicia a gift from Georgie.
  • Carly is hit by a mild case of the flu but is grateful to have her family with her. Carly's Christmas gift to Jason is a picture of Emily (Natalia Livingston).
  • Tracy is plagued by Alan after she rudely kicks Skye out of Luke's hospital room. Lulu, Lucky and Bobbie join Tracy as they sit vigil for Luke.
  • While on the operating table, Luke envisions his idea of Heaven: It's complete with a piano player and stage, where Luke sings "My Way."
General Hospital
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