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Sonny insists that Johnny needs to be eliminated but Jason disagrees and thinks Trevor is the real threat. Sonny firmly tells Lulu not to get involved in things that don't concern her.

Johnny wonders why Lulu cares what happens to him. A manipulative Trevor pushes Johnny to take action.

Trevor warns Kate she'll never get her job back after she rejects him. Warren, however, later offers Kate her old job, telling her Trevor be dammed. Kate finds Sonny at her hotel room door.

Jason arranges to spend time with Elizabeth at a safe house he set up.

Carly fears the worst when Michael insists he's going to grow up to be just like his father. Carly confides her worries about Michael to Jason. Insults fly when Carly and Robin come face to face in Kelly's office.

Luke's surgery is completed, much to the relief of Tracy, Bobbie, Lulu and Lucky. Bobbie and Tracy warn Luke that he'll have to change his lifestyle.

General Hospital
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