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Johnny bristles as Trevor preps him for his meeting with Moreau, a powerful drug trafficker. Jason knows the implications of Johnny's meeting and realizes it doesn't bode well for Sonny.

Johnny makes it clear he means business as he asserts his power.

Jax is disappointed when Jerry doesn't take him up on his offer to go into business together. Alexis tells Jax that Jerry is different from the man he was before. We see that Jerry's keeping a big secret from Alexis and Jax:

He's actually Moreau, the drug trafficker.

Sonny gets a taste of Kate's fashion world, including a co-worker of Kate's that hits on him!

Nikolas reveals to his family his medical condition, a brain tumor, which he indicates could be genetic. He's happy to once again be visited by Emily, who didn't appear to him while he was in Switzerland.

General Hospital
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