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  • Detective Harper admits to Nikolas that he doesn't have a warrant, he just wants him to confess and come quietly. Lucky tells Elizabeth that Jake will be better off if they keep his true paternity quiet.
  • Patrick suggests to Robin that the two get back together and discuss the matter of children a year from now and see where they stand then.
  • Sonny dismisses Trevor, who tells him that all the lives lost will be on him. Kate stops in and Trevor gives her a warning to watch herself.
  • Detective Harper tells Nikolas that he'll feel a lot better when he comes clean with what he's done. After he leaves, Emily tells him not to admit anything. She's certain that he did not kill her.
  • Elizabeth tells Lucky that she'll keep the secret to keep Jake safe. After he leaves, she goes to look for Jason but he has left as well. Lulu comes over to see Liz but she's not in any mood to give advice. 
  • Sam sees Nikolas talking to Emily and wonders who he's speaking to.
  • Kate tells Sonny that if any of his men show up again on her property, she will have them arrested for trespassing. Robin tells Leyla that she did a very courageous thing by throwing herself in front of Patrick.
  • She also tells Patrick that she does not agree to his compromise.
  • Jax tells Carly that he'll be taking her and the boys on a whirlwind trip to Hawaii tonight or tomorrow. Sonny goes to Johnny to find out if he is now in charge of the Zacchara operation.
  • Robin sits down with Patrick to explain to him that she doesn't want to miss the opportunity to have a child. Once again, Leyla interrupts, asking him to take a look at a chart.
  • Emily tells Nikolas that he has to find her killer so that he doesn't take the fall for something that he didn't do. Sam tells Lucky that she'd love to spend some time with his kids.
  • Trevor finds Kate at the hospital, trying to convince her to get away from Sonny. Johnny promises Sonny that he'll be carrying out his father's orders and tells him to get out of the way!
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