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Leyla plays into Anthony's delusion, answering to Maria, and asking him to put the gun down. Nikolas finds Lucky and Sam but is looking for Elizabeth, who is with Jason. Jason tells Elizabeth that he's in love with her and the two hold each other. Carly (Laura Wright) refuses to believe Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is dead, saying that he will come back for her.

Sonny and Kate sit together, expressing their feelings for one another and saying they love each other. Emily (Natalia Livingston) looks for Nikolas but Tracy stops her, telling her to check on Luke. Sam and Lucky try to figure out where Emily but Nikolas says that he doesn't remember.

Spinelli, Nadine, and Lulu return to Jason and Elizabeth in the barn. As Carly bends over to help an injured Jerry, a man with a gun stops them. Jerry shoots him dead as she ducks for cover.

Leyla chooses Patrick to die and as Anthony goes to fire the gun, she jumps in front takes the bullet!

Lucky (Greg Vaughan) checks in on his father and finds out that he had a heart attack while doing battle with evil. Patrick attacks Anthony, who runs off after being injured. Patrick and Robin try to save Leyla.

Logan makes his way to the barn to check on Lulu. Spinelli demands that she not leave but she takes off. Patrick and Robin get Leyla into a room and see that the bullet didn't hit any major organs.

  • Robin has a vision of her own death. Lulu makes it to her father and Lucky and Sam take off again.
  • Elizabeth tells Spinelli that Jason admitted he is Jake's father to Lucky.
  • Jerry gives Carly the details of Jax's supposed death.

Robin apologizes for Leyla for taking out her anger on her. She also says that she knows that Leyla didn't steal him from her. Jerry mourns his brother's death and wishes he died instead.

Lulu goes outside and screams for Anthony to come and get her. He finds her right away and says this is going to be fun. As he points a gun at her, Johnny shows up, telling his father to leave her alone.

Jason begs Emily to go to the stable so he can look for Nikolas himself. Nikolas bursts into the room and throws Jason to the ground.

Luke tells Tracy that she makes him "almost happy" which, for him, is about as good as it gets. He promises not to die on her. Leyla rests while in stable condition and Patrick thanks Robin for what she said to her.

Anthony gives Johnny the gun and tells him to kill Lulu. As the credits get ready to roll, Emily screams for Nikolas to stop and he's about to deliver a crushing blow to Jason.

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