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General Hospital Recap (11-15-07) Part One: Jax (Ingo Rademacher) explains to Jason why they can't expect any help from the mainland until the storm passes. Nikolas awakens and is horrified to see Emily lying lifeless on the floor beside him. Kate assures Sonny he could never turn into a madman like Anthony Zacchara. Jason and Carly discover Nikolas cradling Emily in his arms. Unable to find a pulse, Jason realizes his sister is dead. Johnny warns Lulu that his father enjoys killing. Jerry exchanges gunfire with Anthony but fails to even slow down the older man. Jason delivers some terrible news to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) ...

General Hospital Recap (11-15-07) Part Two: Johnny confides to Lulu how he has been a virtual prisoner in the Zacchara mansion for years. Sonny tells Kate why retirement is not an option in his business. Tightening his grip on his fiancee, Nikolas begs Emily to wake up. Later, Elizabeth and Jason sedate Nikolas to separate him from Emily. Kate tends to the injured Jerry while Sonny leaves to check on the others. Nadine wonders why Spinelli is so devoted to a killer like Jason. During a quiet moment in the midst of all the chaos, Carly (Laura Wright) reminds Jax how happy he's made her. A devastated Sonny reaches out to Jason as he grieves for his beloved sister. Anthony takes Kate hostage...

General Hospital
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