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PART ONE: As a power outage further deepens the gloom of Spoon Island, Kate's evening gets brighter with Sonny's arrival. Carly pulls a gun on Coop and accuses him of killing Letitia. Alexis screams to find Ric pierced with a large sword. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) warns Lucky that his brother may be seriously ill. Leyla tearfully explains to Nikolas why the damaged heirloom necklace means so much to her. Nadine tells Logan (Josh Duhon) and Spinelli how she helped a masked stranger entice Lulu away. Hearing Patrick blast Robin for playing the innocent victim, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) interrupts and attacks the neurosurgeon in a blind rage.

PART TWO: As Leyla tends to wounded Ric (Rick Hearst), Johnny tells Trevor and Lulu he's certain his lethal father is on the island. Sonny confides to a worried Kate how close he came to dying in Puerto Rico. Insisting that Coop could never have hurt Letitia, Maxie urges Carly to lower her weapon. Nikolas shakily admits to Emily that he may have stabbed Ric without even knowing what he was doing. Jax finally forces Carly to release Coop, then berates his wife for bringing a gun to Wyndemere. Kate is stunned when Sonny reveals that Trevor was the one who put the hit out on him. Elizabeth stumbles over Anthony's latest victim...

General Hospital
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