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Sonny and Luke are brought to the hospital for medical attention. Jason and Elizabeth are questioned about the death of Emily (Natalia Livingston). Nadine finds Nikolas standing by a ledge, holding Emily's ring.

Sonny asks to see Jason or Carly before going into surgery but Kate tells him that they're still on the island being questioned. Nadine tries to talk to Nikolas, console him, and get him inside but he refuses.

When Ric arrives at the hospital, he immediately asks Patrick if Alexis is okay. Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Carlyn find each other again and Jerry collapses on the ground. Sam goes to Lulu, looking for Lucky. 

Ric gets word that Alexis is okay after having an emergency appendectomy. Tracy demands priority for Luke but all the money in the world can't save him if his heart gives out. Elizabeth talks to Emily.

Skye finds Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) to let her know that Ric has been asking for her. Robin observes Patrick taking care of Leyla and kissing her head but pretends not to notice. Sam confronts Elizabeth.

Tracy kicks Skye out of the room when she comes to check on Luke. Nikolas freaks out when he finds people putting Emily in a body bag. He grabs onto her and tells everyone to leave him alone.

Carly then checks in on Sonny at the hospital but doesn't answer where the marks on her neck came from. Lulu finds her father and is happy to see that his surgery went well. Edward sits with Skye, mourning Emily's death, and the other family members he has had to bury over the years.

Monica (Leslie Charleson) is shocked when she finds out Emily is dead. She blames Jason for Emily's death and throws him out of the house. She motions to the detectives to finish their job as she pulls him away.

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