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Relieved when Lucky resurfaces, Luke inadvertently drops a bombshell on his son. Jason tells Sonny he's not certain Anthony was responsible for Emily's death. Harper again questions Carly about her close call.

Sam tries to coax her cousin out of Wyndemere's ballroom but Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) insists on leaving everything as it was on the night of the party. Stunned to learn of Emily's murder, Lucky (Greg Vaughan) vents his wrath on Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

With her family in crisis, Lulu explains to Spinelli why she's decided to move out of the penthouse. Carly (Leslie Charleson) tells Harper she knows there were two killers roaming Spoon Island during the ball.

Jason confides to Sonny that he can't stop thinking about how terrified his sister must have been when she was attacked. Paralyzed from the neck down, Anthony prepares for transfer to a facility for the insane.

Furious, Nikolas continues to be pissed, blaming Jason for not protecting Emily (Natalia Livingston), then confesses that he, too, failed the woman he loved.

  • Monica warns Luke that he'll die unless he agrees to the quadruple bypass.
  • Elizabeth attempts to console Jason by inviting him to hold his son.
  • Sonny and Carly gently break some bad news to their boys.

Michael lashes out at his dad for not eliminating Letitia's murderer before Emily suffered the same fate. Anthony quietly warns Johnny to kill Trevor before the lawyer does him in ....

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