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Disguised as a doctor, Luke (Anthony Geary) takes another stab at sneaking out of the hospital. Carly (Laura Wright) treats her boys to root beer floats at Kelly's to honor Emily's memory. Nikolas confides to Monica that he isn't sure he can handle sitting through Emily's funeral.

Jason slips into the chapel and listens to the service for his sister from the vestibule. After Luke is caught and escorted back to his bed, Leo warns his irked patient he must change his attitude and his lifestyle or die.


Michael bristles when Johnny comes by to speak with Carly. Later, Carly is given pause by Johnny's remark that Michael reminds him of himself back when he was that age. As she eulogizes her best friend Emily (Natalia Livingston), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) sees Jason watching from the back of the church.

After the memorial service ends, Tracy thanks Dillon and Ned for returning to support the family. Scott taunts Luke about his short life expectancy. Elizabeth asks Lucky if they can finally put an end to their fighting but he admits he's not sure he can ever forgive her.

Carly advises Johnny to keep his distance from Lulu from now on.


In the aftermath, Leyla witnesses a close moment between Patrick and Robin as they wonder if they gave up on one another too soon. Sam finds Lucky alone at Kelly's and offers him some solace. Lulu thanks Carly for being in her life. Jason turns to Elizabeth for comfort.

Nikolas is startled to see a smiling Emily welcoming him home.

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