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Part One (General Hospital, 11/5) ... Sonny reminds her how dangerous it is for her to be part of his life, but Kate insists she wants to be with him. Jason discovers the ticking bomb hidden in his boat. Johnny tells Logan his father is behind the havoc at the Black and White Ball. Anthony mingles with the other party guests as Luke cautions everyone to stay together in the main ballroom. Robin (Kimberly McCullough) assures Patrick she's fine but admits to an odd feeling of trepidation. Alexis remains close to Ric's (Rick Hearst) side while Leyla warns that the sword wound is deeper than she first thought.

Part Two (General Hospital, 11/5) ... As Lucky urges his bro to calm down, Nikolas knocks him out. A tearful Emily (Natalia Livingston) confides to Alfred how terrified she is for the man she loves. Jerry, Jax, Sam and Carly set out to find the supply ship. Lulu tells Luke and Logan she knows Anthony is among them. Later, Lulu secretly enlists help from Nadine. Trevor is startled to find Kate having sex with Sonny. Jax scoffs at Carly's latest theory about who is perpetrating the mayhem on the island. Anthony mistakes Nadine for Lulu. Jerry, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Sam come under fire as Carly (Laura Wright) makes a grisly discovery.

General Hospital
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