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PART ONE: Lulu begs Sonny to lower his gun and spare Johnny's life. In the cave, Carly finds herself in the middle of a peculiar conversation with an odd stranger. Emily reminds an enraged Nikolas why it's too risky for him to go wandering around with a loaded weapon. Jerry informs the guests that his brother is bringing around a ship strong enough to carry everyone to safety. Trevor promises his son he'll find a blood donor in time. Anthony babbles on about betrayal, and Carly realizes with whom she's speaking.

PART TWO: Jason takes Nadine and Spinelli to be with Elizabeth. Luke warns Scott that their only safe option is to stay put. Sonny tells Luke he's determined to end Zacchara's reign of terror. Tracy takes a tumble down the darkened staircase as she arrives late to the party. Carly wriggles out of trouble as Anthony leaves without hurting her. Nadine reminds Spinelli how he saved her life. Trevor implores Sonny to provide Ric with a transfusion. Georgie (Lindze Leatherman) discovers her sister has gone missing.

General Hospital
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