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General Hospital Episode Guide - 10.10.07 (I)

Lulu explains to Mike and a dismayed Spinelli how she has the opportunity to help her fugitive parents stop running and come home to Port Charles. On Spoon Island, Nikolas hesitantly admits to Emily that he doesn't know why he was in the alley holding a bloody knife. Jax spends the night sitting vigil beside his brother's hospital bed. Robin eavesdrops on Nikolas and Leyla as they schedule a second date.

Tracy offers to pay Logan to make nice with Scott in order to further her own personal agenda. Questioned by Mac and Harper, Jerry claims he was attacked by a total stranger.

General Hospital Episode Guide - 10.10.07 (II)

A jealous Robin again makes a fool of herself in front of Patrick. Though Spinelli and Mike both urge her not to trust Scott to keep up his end of the bargain, Lulu finally agrees to the special prosecutor's conditions.

Jax tells Carly he's certain Jerry knows his assailant. Meanwhile, Jerry privately informs Emily that her boyfriend viciously stabbed him without any provocation at all.

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) considers becoming a single mom. Wes shows a startled Carly and Jax photos of their intimate moment. Tracy rails at Scott after learning how he persuaded Lulu to reconcile with Logan.

Jax guesses that someone hacked into his wife's cell phone to take pictures without their knowledge. Tracy (Jane Elliot) is surprised to find Luke back in town. Leyla reminds Patrick that she doesn't want to be his rebound affair following his break-up with Robin.

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