October 2, 2007 Photograph
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Still posing as Lulu, Carly (Laura Wright) agrees to meet Johnny in the park.

Nikolas snaps at his girlfriend after hearing Emily discussing him with Jax. Sonny assures Kate she can lean on him. Epiphany icily advises Robin to stop taking out her anger on the hospital staff.

Episode Recap, 10/2/2007
Tracy complains to Carly about Lulu taking up residence at Jason's penthouse instead of coming home to the Quartermaine mansion. Jax suggests to a bristling Nikolas that he may need some professional help. Though Logan entreats her to give him another chance, Lulu insists she can never trust him again. Kate finally breaks down in tears and sobs on Sonny's shoulder. Robin admits to Lainey how much she misses Patrick and the intimacy they once shared. Scott receives the results of the paternity test. Nikolas orders Emily never to go behind his back again. Unable to reach Jason or Sonny, Spinelli explains to Georgie (Lindze Letherman) why he fears for Carly's safety. Sonny gives Kate's flagging morale a much needed boost.

Carly heads to the park for her rendezvous with Johnny. Nikolas confides to Emily how he's been suffering memory loss along with the fits of rage. Kate and Sonny make love.

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