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  • Lulu suspects that Logan's (Josh Duhon) noble gesture was motivated by pressure from some outside source. Anthony berates Johnny for disobeying his order to stay put. Sonny warns Trevor he has no intention of sharing his territory with anyone.
  • Lucky welcomes Sam back to Port Charles, then fills her in about the latest development in his custody battle. After enduring more verbal abuse from his father, Johnny promises not to leave the mansion again. Sonny tells Kate how Trevor has been secretly running the organization for a long time.
  • Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Lucky make love. Jason learns that an explosion on Pier 22 has engulfed one of Sonny's warehouses in flames. Lulu defends Logan to Carly. Jerry reminds Sam that unless she seduces Trevor he'll see to it that her cop boyfriend loses his life in the line of duty.
  • Sonny admits to Kate how wealth and power led him into his chosen career path years ago. Kate tells Sonny she knows he's bipolar but it doesn't affect her feelings for him in any way.
  • Anthony orders one of his henchmen to dig up all available information on Lulu Spencer. Meanwhile, Lulu persuades Logan to escort her to a concert.
General Hospital
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