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PART ONE (10/26/07): As he's about to push Sam all the way off the top of Windemere, Sam's screaming snaps Nikolas out of his violent trance and he admits he doesn't remember what just happened. He hints it may be some inherited condition that hasn't been treated or the curse of his father. Sam urges him to move the location for the ball or reschedule it but he refuses to postpone his life because he might be a little sick. Sam leaves when Emily interrupts. Nikolas confesses to Emily (Natalia Livingston) he almost killed Sam. Sonny advises Kate that his trip will take a day or two.

PART TWO (10/26/07): They're interrupted by Trevor who doesn't want to talk in front of Kate. When Sonny refuses to ask her to leave, Trevor leaves with a reminder that Anthony Zacchara used to act this way. Unable to provide Robin with the "donation" she needs to get pregnant, Spinelli calls Jason and asks him to be her donor. Jason tells Robin why he can't help her. Unaware his dad's watching them, Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) gives Johnny his mother's necklace and then leaves when he orders her to get out.

Claiming she wants to show him off and celebrate, Carly (Laura Wright) urges Jax (Ingo Rademacher) to agree to attend the black and white ball. He refuses and angrily states that this is a bad idea. When he claims he has a prior engagement and can't take her anyway, Carly insists on going by herself and resents it when he calls it a stupid idea. She later arms herself with a handgun.

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