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  • General Hospital: October 3 Episode Guide (Part I)

Jax demands answers from Spinelli after catching him with Jason's gun. Lulu watches Scott and Logan open the DNA results together. Upon learning that Logan really is his son, Scott attempts to apologize but the young man bitterly rejects his belated effort to put things right.

In the park, Johnny puts a gun to Carly's head but she remains cool and collected. Kate and Sonny bask in the afterglow following some love in the afternoon, but the moment is ruined when Letitia's killer sends another ominous text message. Nikolas admits to Emily (Natalia Livingston) how he suffered a blackout on the night Michael and Morgan's nanny was murdered.

  • General Hospital: October 3 Episode Guide (Part II)

Spinelli is forced to fill Jax in on Carly's rendezvous with Zacchara's evil spawn. Meanwhile, Carly assures Johnny she came alone to speak to him about her cousin. Emily persuades her boyfriend to undergo a full battery of medical tests in order to assess his problem. Sonny orders Spinelli to come to the compound to work on tracking down the texter. Jax's arrival sends Johnny into a rage.

Scott asks Logan to give him another chance. As they return home, Carly snipes at an irritated Jax for blowing her chance to get vital information out of Johnny. Lulu bristles when Logan advises her to keep her distance from a dangerous new acquaintance. Scott threatens to bring criminal charges against Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) for assaulting Logan.

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