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Determined to prevent Nikolas from punching Scott, Emily slaps the special prosecutor herself. Trevor advises Carly to keep away from the volatile young Mr. Zacchara for her own sake. Meanwhile, Logan and Johnny wrestle for the gun as an anxious Lulu looks on.

Episode Recap: October 4, 2007, General Hospital

Maxie reminds Coop how they connected right from the unorthodox start of their relationship. Skye suggests to Ric that they form an alliance which would be mutually beneficial. Georgie tries to make her feelings clear to Spinelli but loses her nerve at the last minute.

Lulu grabs Johnny's gun and orders the men to stop fighting. Maxie asks Coop if they can find their way back to one another, then is disappointed when he gently turns her down. Trevor urges an irked Carly to convince her cousin that she has no future with Johnny. Ric explains to Skye how his father and his brother have been battling over Kate.

Logan implores Lulu to cut all ties with her psychotic new "friend" but she angrily insists that Johnny would never hurt her. Ric warns Alexis he'll drag her back into family court if she allows Jerry anywhere near Molly. A dejected Maxie winds up on Logan's doorstep once more. Spinelli brings Jason up to speed on the second text message from Letitia's killer.


Emily assures Nikolas they'll find the answer to his problem. Trevor orders Ric to close the case of the murdered nanny. Lulu argues as worried Carly presses her to stay away from Johnny

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