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PART ONE: Elizabeth looks forward to moving herself and her sons into their new home. Carly (Laura Wright) pressures Spinelli to help her unearth evidence against Johnny and his mouthpiece. Sonny orders Diane to find Trevor's Achilles' heel before someone else winds up in the morgue. At the precinct house, Lainey tells Cody she thinks there may be a way to exonerate him. Robin is deflated to learn that Patrick has already begun dating someone else. Nikolas suffers another episode of rage in front of his astonished brother.

PART TWO: Meanwhile, Emily confides to Robin (Kimberly McCullough) how Nikolas has been losing time as well as experiencing violent outbursts. Spinelli reports to Sonny that Carly is developing a risky scheme to go after Trevor Lansing. Alexis agrees to allow Trevor some time with his granddaughter. Epiphany gives Layla a word to the wise where Patrick is concerned. Kelly's nerves are on edge after weeks of her self-imposed celibacy. Spinelli comes to the hospital to check on Jolene. Diane and Alexis begin to butt heads over the Spencers' increasingly ugly divorce.

Kelly gives in to lust and throws herself at Leo.

General Hospital
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