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Detective Harper questions Nikolas about the incident in the squad room. In the ER, Nadine helps Leo and Emily stabilize Jerry's vital signs. Robin comes to tell Patrick how much she misses him.

Episode Recap, General Hospital

Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Carly kiss and make up, unaware that they're being videotaped by a cell phone. Lucky and Elizabeth trade insults at the hospital until Epiphany sternly reminds her nurse to reserve her personal problems for her free time. Spinelli is pleased when Lulu assures her friend she doesn't want him to keep his distance. Leyla arrives for her date with Patrick and finds him in close conversation with his ex.

  • With Jerry's life hanging in the balance, Russell orders Nadine to leave and Emily places an emergency call to Carly. Mike suggests to Lulu that she's been sending Logan mixed signals.
  • Insisting he's done with Jerry, Jax refuses to go to the hospital to see his wounded brother. Alexis again wonders why her nephew's personality seems to have done a complete 180.

Patrick tells Leyla that his relationship with Robin truly is over. Anxious to help out his newfound son, Scott offers to hand over guardianship of Laura and drop the charges against Luke if Lulu will give Logan a second chance. Nikolas stuffs his bloodstained shirt into the fireplace at Windemere.

Later, Emily discovers remnants of the burned garment in the embers.


Patrick (Jason Thompson) enjoys getting to know Leyla better. Kelly overhears Andy inviting Robin to join him for a drink. Jerry regains consciousness to find both Carly and Jax at his bedside.

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