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PART ONE: After giving Spinelli the cold shoulder, Lulu snipes at Jason for trying to get Logan fired. Lucky has an erotic dream starring Sam. Patrick coaxes Robin to play hooky from the hospital but she insists she must check on her patients. Alexis, Kristina and Molly move into Windemere for safekeeping. Elizabeth again shuts Lucky out when he tries to spend a little time with her and the boys.

PART TWO: Monica advises Edward to swallow his pride and have Tracy released from Shadybrook. Meanwhile, Tracy gleefully informs Alan she's decided to sabotage ELQ. Robin begins to regret turning down Patrick"s flirtatious invitation in order to keep her nose to the grindstone. Jerry orders Sam to seduce Trevor... or else. Logan thanks Lulu for defending him but reminds her he can fight his own battles.

PART THREE: Nikolas lunges at Jerry with a knife when the former "Mr. Craig" returns to Spoon Island. Sam invites Trevor over to her place. Epiphany advises Patrick not to put her best student nurse in the middle of his relationship with Robin (Kimberly McCullough). Alexis is rattled by her nephew's volatile outbursts. Immediately upon being freed, Tracy quickly moves to separate Lulu from Logan.

PART FOUR: Scott and Tracy both warn Lulu that Logan is using her. Logan interrupts and offers to take a DNA test in order to prove that he is Scott's son. A vindictive Sam shows Jason the hot tub where she intends to seduce Lucky. Jason claims he doesn't care. Robin's jealous when she catches him with Leyla.

She angrily orders the student nurse to leave. Lucky complains to Nikolas that Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) is still unable to be intimate with him.

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