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Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) complains to Emily (Natalia Livingston) about how Sam seems to have become Lucky's new drug of choice. Max and Milo drag Jerry in front of Sonny, who demands to know what kind of business Jax's brother has been conducting with Trevor.

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Robin (Kimberly McCullough) accuses Patrick of hitting on Layla after finding the pretty student nurse in his apartment. Nikolas advises Lucky to decide whether an affair with Sam would be worth losing his family.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth tells Emily how disconnected she feels from her husband and how long it's been since they had sex. Sam spits out her hatred for Jason after he informs her he's not going to respond to any more of her false alarms. Jerry reminds Sonny that they're actually on the same page where Zacchara is concerned.

After Layla beats a hasty retreat, a jealous Robin continues to lash out at Patrick. Jason asks Kate to spill everything she knows about Ric's father. Across town, Trevor warns Sonny he can't be touched. Jerry pays another call on Sam and again threatens to kill her unless she seduces Zacchara's mouthpiece.

Lulu admits to Logan how she hopes the DNA test proves that Scott is not his father. Sonny gives a wary Jason the order to off Trevor. Realizing she and her boyfriend have very different dreams for the future, Robin tearfully calls it quits with Patrick.


Lucky sets a romantic scene for his wife and is angered when she rejects him once more. Trevor issues a chilling ultimatum to Kate.

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