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Jerry warns Sonny that Kate may have been drugged. Meanwhile, Jax finds an unconscious Kate trapped in her wrecked car. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she believes her husband is being unfaithful to her even as they speak.

Across town, Lucky and Sam begin to make love.

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Robin points out to Jason how ironic it is that they're both alone again. Eager to spend some time with Spinelli, Georgie (Lindze Letherman) pretends to need assistance with a computer website.

Alice reluctantly helps Lulu move her belongings over to Logan's apartment.

Lucky assures Sam (Kelly Monaco) he has no regrets after they have sex. Patrick is irked to see Robin arrive at the hospital on the back of Jason's motorcycle. Georgie takes Logan to task after discovering that Lulu is living with him. Elizabeth admits to Emily that the love she once felt for Lucky is gone.

Sonny berates Jason for listening to Jerry instead of following orders. Stunned to learn that she had a high blood alcohol level, Kate insists she wasn't drinking before she got behind the wheel.

Georgie hesitantly tells Spinelli of Lulu's latest living arrangements.


Emily urges Jason to go be with Elizabeth now that the Spencers' marriage seems to be over for good. Certain Jerry drugged Kate, Sonny swears to his new paramour that he'll keep her safe.

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