September 18, 2007 Photograph
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Part One

Sam informs Nikolas that she's already slept with his brother.

Meanwhile, Lucky Spencer returns home to his wife and is miffed when she refuses to display any interest in his whereabouts that night. Jason admits how much he wishes he could be a part of Elizabeth and Jake's lives.

Part Two

Trevor offers Kate his assistance in the wake of her "drunken driving" incident.

Georgie tries to reassure Spinelli that Lulu will come to her senses in time. Across town, Logan tells a beaming Lulu she's the best thing that ever happened to him. Sonny accuses Trevor of drugging Kate to force her to turn to him for help.

Part Three

Emily again implores Jason to put aside his concerns and go be with Elizabeth and their infant son. Maxie barges into Logan's apartment and gleefully drops a bombshell on Lulu. Jason returns home to find a gloomy Spinelli trying to drown his sorrows. After Lulu storms out on him, Logan vents his anger on Maxie. Trevor threatens to destroy Kate's entire career unless she capitulates.

Elizabeth asks Lucky if it's too late to salvage their marriage.

Part Four

Trevor is rattled to learn that Johnny Zacchara is on his way to Port Charles. Jason gives Spinelli a pep talk but cautions him to remember that Lulu may never regard him as anything more than a friend. Nikolas has another outburst of rage at Windemere. Maxie and Sam commiserate as both suffer a twinge of regret for their acts of vengeance.

Johnny picks up a tearful Lulu hitchhiking on a dark road.

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