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At the hospital, Ric (Rich Hearst) informs Kate that she's being charged with drunk driving and reckless endangerment. Spinelli and Jason fill Sonny in on a surprising development in the search for Lulu. Trevor offers Sam a business proposition. Confronted by both of Lulu's big brothers, Logan admits he messed up but insists he never wanted to cause their sister any pain.

Spinelli panics to learn that Zacchara's son is widely reputed to be off his rocker. Meanwhile, Jason questions Trevor, who confirms that Johnny Zacchara is indeed a seriously troubled young man.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) suggests to Ric that he finally has a golden opportunity to take down his arrogant father. Nikolas attacks Logan but Georgie intervenes to convince him to back off. Diane asks Epiphany and Elizabeth to run interference with the press to protect Kate from media coverage. Johnny's vehicle is found abandoned on the highway. Jason comes to Spinelli's rescue after Logan threatens to rough him up again. Ric realizes that Trevor truly did frame Kate. Coop pulls a furious Logan off of Maxie.

Spinelli and Jason discover Lulu's broken necklace lying on the front seat of Johnny's car. Later, Lulu jumps between Jason and Johnny when they engage in an armed standoff.

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