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Part One

Sonny receives a chilling text message from Letitia's killer. Jerry creeps up on Jax and Carly, then springs out to prove to them that they're no longer safe on the island. Shocked by Nikolas' outburst, Alexis confronts her nephew but he simply shrugs off her accusations without offering any apology. Jason informs a stunned Elizabeth that Sam and Amelia have both known for months that he is Jake's real father.

Part Two

Trevor warns Sonny to lay off of Johnny Zacchara or risk losing everything he holds dear. Lucky is relieved to see his little sister safe but objects when Lulu decides to move into the penthouse with Spinelli and his mentor. Jason reveals to Elizabeth how Sam witnessed Jake's kidnapping and later hired the thugs who menaced the Spencer family in the park. As tensions mount between Dr. Scorpio and young Dr. Drake, Epiphany icily reminds Robin how she advised her not to get romantically involved with a coworker.

Part Three

Jerry urges his brother to take Carly and the boys far away for safekeeping but Jax refuses to live in fear of Sonny or his many enemies. Jason assures Elizabeth that Sam has been effectively muzzled.

Later, Elizabeth and Jason exchange declarations of love.

  • Alarmed to hear how Nikolas threw a glass at his aunt, Emily questions him about the incident.
  • Robin confides to Elizabeth how much she misses Patrick (Jason Thompson) since they broke up.

Part Four

Tracy and Edward insist on Lulu returning to the Quartermaine mansion but she digs in her heels and refuses to budge. Trevor issues a thinly veiled threat to Ric. Kate frets about Sonny's safety even as she's led away to the lock-up for the night. Carly convinces Jax to take her and the boys home to Port Charles. Lucky and Elizabeth consider calling it quits. Sonny asks Spinelli to trace the text message.

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