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General Hospital Recap, Part 1 (9-27-2007)

Spinelli fears that Lulu's life could be in danger if Johnny turns out to be the lowlife responsible for snuffing Letitia. Sonny urges Carly to come back to the compound for her own safety. At the courthouse, Ric and Trevor are both appalled when the judge sentences Kate to six months of community service at the hospital and mandated use of an ankle monitor. Elizabeth reminds Lucky why it's time for her to go. Concerned about his recent outbursts of rage, Nikolas quietly asks Robin (Kimberly McCullough) to run some blood tests.

General Hospital Recap, Part 2 (9-27-2007)

Jason Morgan again cautions Spinelli not to expect that Lulu will fall into his arms just because of their close proximity. Sonny turns to his right hand man for help convincing Carly to make the right move. Lucky and Elizabeth agree to part as friends. Georgie is taken aback to learn that Lulu is now living with Spinelli and Jason. Kate happily reports to Sonny that she's not going to jail after all. Meanwhile, Trevor accuses Ric of making a deal with the judge to prevent Kate from being incarcerated.

General Hospital Recap, Part 3 (9-27-2007)

Nikolas drops by the Spencer house to check on his brother, who admits that part of him is actually relieved to be free. Jerry and Sonny privately discuss how they ensured that Kate would escape prison time. Georgie asks Spinelli if he could give his heart to another woman if Lulu never returned his feelings. Lucky heads to Sam's place on his first night as a "bachelor." An angry Jason snaps at Carly when she again insults Elizabeth.

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