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Diane serves Lucky with divorce papers. Meanwhile, Emily accompanies Elizabeth as she goes hunting for a new home. Sonny cautions Kate to remember that her troubles are far from over.

Carly lends Lulu a sympathetic ear as she bemoans how she fell for Logan's lies.

General Hospital: The Episode Guide (9-28-07)

  • Across town, Nikolas encounters Logan in the lobby of the Metro Court and begins to pummel him once again.
  • Sonny tells Kate how determined Trevor is to ruin her entire life. Uncomfortable with the idea of Jason's criminal defense attorney handling his divorce, Lucky asks Alexis to step in.
  • Appalled to hear how Lulu hitched a ride with the younger Zacchara, Carly sneaks a peek at the girl's cell phone in order to obtain Johnny's number.
  • Kate reports for her first day of community service at the hospital.
  • Alexis agrees to protect Lucky's interests by renegotiating child support and custody issues with Diane. Scott extends a hand to Logan.
  • Elizabeth makes an offer on a house.
  • Intent on taking the fashion editor down a peg, Epiphany puts Kate through her paces at the hospital.


Nikolas admits to Alfred that he has no memory of hitting Logan. Trevor informs Kate she's been relieved of her post at the magazine. Posing as Lulu, Carly sends Johnny a new text message.

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