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EPISODE GUIDE PART 1: Kate tells Sonny that although she and Trevor were once lovers they're now just friends. Elizabeth gives an irked Lucky an ultimatum. Robin is taken aback when Patrick admits how much he misses being a race car driver. Jax (Ingo Rademacher) continues to press Carly to forgive him so they can move forward as a couple and as a family.

EPISODE GUIDE PART 2: Though Kate insists she has no intention of ever rekindling a romance with Trevor, Sonny (Maurice Benard) cautions her that her "ex" may not feel the same way. Patrick assures Robin he doesn't regret leaving his old world behind because then he wouldn't have met her. Nikolas suggests to Emily that she give some thought to their future. Georgie confides to Spinelli how she's attracted to quirky guys but the oblivious "Jackal" completely misses the hint.

EPISODE GUIDE PART 3: Jax entreats his wife to believe he's done cleaning up Jerry's messes. Emily (Natalia Livingston) points out to Nikolas how experience has taught her not to look too far ahead. Kate admits to Sonny that she believes he's telling her the truth. An unwitting Spinelli bemoans to Georgie the fact that Lulu prefers the crabby commando to him. Carly and Jax finally kiss and make up.

General Hospital
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