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PART I: Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) returns from Paris to learn that Molly's grandfather has hit town.

Meanwhile, Ric's heart sinks when Trevor gleefully announces his intention to spend a lot more time with his little granddaughter. Rattled by Jason's story about Zacchara, Carly asks her friend if she needs to get Michael and Morgan out of Port Charles for safekeeping. Alfred explains to his annoyed employer why he cancelled Nikolas' lease at the Metro Court.

PART II: Trevor reminds an enraged Ric how much he stands to lose. At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Emily that she and Lucky are trying to make a fresh start. Spinelli presents a beaming Georgie with a gift to thank her for lending him a sympathetic ear. As Carly instructs her sons to stay extra close to their guards, Logan arrives to apologize for leaving the boys unprotected during their shopping trip to the mall. Spinelli admits to Georgie (Lindze Letherman) how he never really fit in anywhere until he became Jason's protege.

PART III: Later, Georgie bolsters the "Jackal's" morale by pointing out that he is a true original and unique in the world. Sam introduces herself to Trevor. A worried Jax and Carly discuss their options in light of the coming mob war. After Logan roughly accosts Maxie, Georgie furiously threatens to call Jason if he ever dares to manhandle her sister again. Alexis is astonished when Ric offers to give her Molly.

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