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Trevor advises Jason to accept his client's invitation to an important meeting. Jax insists on moving Carly and the boys over to the Metro Court for safekeeping.

Episode Recap, Part I

Elizabeth snarls at Sam (Kelly Monaco) for throwing herself at Lucky yet again. Ric admits to Alexis how his father has threatened to deprive them both of Molly.

Declaring that she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself, Kate orders Sonny (Maurice Benard) to call off the bodyguards. Trevor issues a thinly veiled threat against Spinelli and Georgie in hopes of prodding Jason to play ball. Emily wonders about the secret project Nikolas has been working on.

Episode Recap, Part II

Jax punches Jerry out, then decides to take his place at the meeting with Zacchara. Georgie again bolsters Spinelli's drooping morale by reminding him that being different doesn't make him weird. Elizabeth bristles when Lucky continues to defend Sam and paint her as a victim.

Trevor turns on the charm during his first introduction to Alexis. At the hospital, Patrick enjoys bantering with an attractive student nurse who doesn't attempt to disguise her bad case of hero worship.

  • Emily assures Sam she harbors no ill will towards her.
  • Later, Sam slyly arranges another "chance" encounter with Lucky.


As Sonny takes Michael and Morgan back to his place, Jason urges Carly to also move onto the compound until the danger passes.

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