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General Hospital
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on General Hospital, Claudia tells Luke how his estranged wife tried to buy out her share, and Patrick regretfully explains to Carly and Jason why he doesn't expect Michael to ever come out of the coma.

  • On Spoon Island, Nadine helps Nikolas assemble a train set for Spencer. Lulu makes another awkward attempt to convince Sonny that Johnny had nothing to do with Michael's shooting.
  • Frantically insisting that her son is already getting better, Carly threatens to have Patrick removed from Michael's case unless the doctor immediately adjusts his negative attitude.

Alexis and Diane meet for drinks at Jake's, where the acting D.A. admits how upset she is about recent events and how angry she is at herself for ever sleeping with Sonny in the first place. Tracy warns Luke that allowing Johnny Zacchara anywhere near Lulu is tantamount to inviting another tragedy into his life.

An agitated Sonny explains to Kate why he hasn't been back to the hospital to see Michael. Later, Kate leaps to Sonny's defense when Mike berates him for neglecting his injured child. Carly stubbornly repeats her assertion that her son is going to make a full recovery.

Nikolas suddenly gives Nadine the bum's rush when Emily materializes in Wyndemere once more. Carly allows Sonny to spend some time with Michael. Claudia picks the wrong moment to carp to Patrick about how Robin trapped him into becoming a dad.

Jason comes to the rehab center to see Monica, who comforts her grieving son after he discloses Michael's prognosis. Carly is outraged to learn that Sonny moved to protect Kate instead of his child.

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