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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Lulu explains to Logan that she can't accept his romantic gesture because she doesn't think of him that way any more. Across town, Johnny tells Claudia how he sent Lulu packing.

Elizabeth informs Jax that his stepson isn't expected to regain consciousness.

Carly furiously orders Sonny to leave Michael's room. Jason urges them both to put the boy first and stop arguing. Robin asks Patrick if his feelings have changed about the baby she's expecting. Claudia reminds her brother why love for the Zaccharas only leads to betrayal and heartbreak.

Jax thanks Elizabeth for her insight after she gently dispenses some advice on how to support his wife during a devastating time. Stung by Lulu's rejection, Logan icily assures her he won't bother her again.

Carly reluctantly agrees to let Sonny sit by Michael's bedside.

Later, an emotional Sonny implores his son to wake up and come back to all the people who love him. Patrick admits to Robin that he's still torn about the prospect of impending fatherhood. Claudia bumps into Jason on the docks and suggests that they might be more alike than he knows.

Robin and Patrick make love. Jax decides to simply play along with Carly's staunch denials about Michael's grim prognosis. Until next time on General Hospital ...

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