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General Hospital
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Jerry quietly warns Claudia that Ian is bound to drag them both down with him if he's caught. Jax again presses Carly to have a talk with Morgan.

An awkward moment ensues when Logan, Johnny and Lulu all bump into one another on the docks.

As Sonny arrives at the casino, Luke reminds his old friend that the Haunted Star is neutral territory even when the Zaccharas are aboard.

As Spinelli works to pin down the identity of the physician who was parked near the coffee warehouse on the night of the shooting, Jason continues to blame himself for Michael's tragic predicament.

Carly and Jax finally return and face tough questions from a puzzled Morgan. Nadine enjoys some good luck at the roulette tables. Jason relates for Spinelli how he came to name Carly's first child after Sonny.

A bout of morning sickness coupled with swollen feet squeezed into high heels forces Robin to cut short her night out with Patrick. Johnny offers his sympathy to a scowling Sonny.

Later, Claudia asks Luke to put in a good word for her and her brother. Disappointed when Carly shows no sign of facing reality, Jax confronts his wife with what he learned from Elizabeth.

Spinelli and Jason learn that it was Ian's car which showed up on the security camera video.

Diane and Max enjoy a few stolen moments in a dark corner of the casino. Lulu sees red when she spots Maxie monopolizing Johnny's time. Carly lashes out at Jax for giving up on Michael.

Jerry and Alexis share a kiss.

Until next time on General Hospital ...

General Hospital
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