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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4/18/08

Today on General Hospital ...

Ric drops a bombshell on Johnny and Claudia:

Thanks to his actions, their father will be a free man within a week. Sonny confronts Anthony, who is much healthier than he's been letting on and doesn't deny hiring the sniper. Sonny tells Jason he is going to forego using bodyguards to draw Michael's shooter out, a move which Jason disagrees with.

Ian subtly threatens Claudia. Johnny puts two and two together and realizes Ian is the shooter. Claudia orders Jerry to make sure Ian doesn't implicate them in Michael's shooting. Jerry confronts Ian with a gun. Jason questions Nikolas about his connection to Ian.

Carly doesn't want Jax around Michael unless he has faith Michael will make a full recovery. Jax promises to give Carly what she needs. Carly thinks her prayers have been answered when Michael opens his eyes.

Sonny is stunned to learn Max and Diane slept together. Diane and Alexis spar over free clothing samples from Kate. Nikolas wants more of the illegal drug from Ian (which prolongs his tumor and thus his visions of Emily).

Nadine seeks Nikolas meeting with Ian.

Lulu and Maxie fight like cats and dogs as they work together at Kate's new magazine, Crimson.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers ...

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