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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Jason asks Nikolas how Ian was able to help him. Nikolas admits that he was providing him with the drugs that have been keeping him alive though Jason points out he demanded $10 million for the drugs.

Pleading with him not to get her father released, Claudia tells Ric that Anthony is a sick, twisted freak who deserves to die. Ric insists a team of doctors has declared that Anthony is a changed man.

When Johnny also demands that their father remain locked up, Ric announces that he has had their visitation rights pulled. After warning Anthony what his children want, Ric persuades Logan to sign up as a bodyguard when Anthony is released from Shadybrook.

Later, Anthony threatens to kill Claudia if Johnny doesn't do as he's told.

Kate urges Sonny to find another doctor who can help Michael. Instead, he vows to send a message to his enemies that this can never happen again.

Patrick tells Carly and Jax that Michael's condition has not changed and that the opening of his eyes was a result of an involuntary eye movement. Carly refuses to give up on the boy

Jax approaches Jason for help convincing Carly to accept reality. Claudia's surprised when Sonny asks her out. Spinelli and Maxie break into Ian's room in search of clues that would tie him to Michael's shooting.

But when Ian suddenly returns to his hotel room, Spinelli's able to hide while Ian catches Maxie and mistakes her for the call girl he ordered earlier. Pointing out how the bodyguard is always nervous around her, Sonny forces Max to admit that he and Diane have been sleeping together.

After Max boasts it was the best sex he's ever had, Diane tells Sonny this is none of his business but he orders her to end the affair. Until next time on General Hospital ...

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