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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

Today on General Hospital ...

Jason and Claudia duck for cover as Anthony's goons open fire and pin them down. Nikolas informs an irked Ian that he's terminating their agreement because he wants nothing more to do with the doctor's illegal drugs. Alexis asks Sonny to try to talk his brother out of setting Anthony free.

Anna phones Robin to say she's returning to Port Charles. Later, Robin confides to Patrick why she's reluctant to let Anna know she's about to be a grandmother. At "Crimson," Kate cracks the whip with her squabbling assistants.

As Ric coaches Anthony for his next court hearing, Johnny attempts to convince his father that he and Claudia hired the attorney to secure his release. Diane appeals to an exasperated Sonny to let Max follow his heart, while Alexis reminds her friend why sleeping with a gangster is sure to cause her pain.

Maxie and Lulu crank up the volume on their bitter rivalry. Nikolas threatens to have Ian's medical license revoked if he tries to peddle any more experimental medications. Afterwards, Emily proudly commends Nikolas for his decision. Diane offers Spinelli some advice to the lovelorn.

Kate lends a sympathetic ear to Sonny as he bemoans his role in destroying Michael's young life. Emily promises a weeping Nikolas that she will always be with him. Nadine gives Ian a piece of her mind, then is rattled when he utters an ominous threat.

Johnny explains to Lulu why they can't be together but she again refuses to take no for an answer. Anna gets a shock when she barges into her daughter's apartment unannounced. Spinelli makes a move on Maxie.

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