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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4.29.08

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Sonny tries to explain to Kate that he has no choice but to live his life the way he does (i.e. as a mobster). He gives her the chance to walk away from him, but Kate can't. Sonny tells Kate he will kill Johnny, who he believes is responsible for shooting Michael. Ian arrives at Kate's and lets her know he shot Michael. He tells Kate unless she pays him $1 million to leave town, he'll either kill Sonny himself or implicate Sonny in his own death (knowing Sonny will eventually kill him) and thus Sonny will be sent to prison forever. Wanting to protect Sonny, Kate agrees.

Jason takes care of the hit man sent to kill Claudia by her father. Claudia convinces Jason to help her get rid of the body and after doing so, the two head back to Port Charles together on his motorcycle.

Alexis uses her power as District Attorney to have the Haunted Star shut down, claiming it is ripe to be the site of a mob war and money laundering. Luke breathes a silent sigh of relief that he hasn't actually laundered any of the Zacchara money yet, which he plans to.

After hearing he didn't shoot Sonny a second time because she was present, Lulu washes her hands of Johnny. Johnny warns Logan (now working as Anthony's bodyguard) that he'll kill Ric if anything happens to Claudia. Sonny tells Luke of Johnny's attempted murder of him – with Lulu in the room.

Nadine and Nikolas enjoy each other's company but she leaves him alone on the docks in the hopes he'll see Emily again.

Maxie and Spinelli work on tracking down a missing Ian. Spinelli grows more and more smitten with Maxie, who admits she's never had a friend like Spinelli. Lulu feels shut out when she sees the growing friendship between Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie and Luli clash over Spinelli.

Sam tells Lucky that her painkillers don't seem to be working any longer.

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