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General Hospital
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on General Hospital, Ian prepares to take Sonny out at the coffee warehouse, and Claudia reminds her brother to ensure that he has a rock solid alibi.

Meanwhile, Sonny explains to Kate how he's getting more "hands on" with his legit business in order to prove to his son that violence need not be a part of their everyday lives.

Carly orders Michael to stop playing with video games featuring gunplay. Elizabeth welcomes Jason home and is pleased to hear that the second surgery went well.

Determined not to ruin his relationship with his brother, Jerry again refuses to be part of Ian's assassination plot. Kate coaxes Sonny to let her and Michael tag along on his visit to the warehouse.

Aboard the Haunted Star, Claudia informs a bristling Luke that she intends to take a role in the operation of the casino. Carly and Jax square off again on the subject of Kate's new office space in the Metro Court.

At the hospital, Elizabeth reaches out to the anxious father of a badly injured boy.

Luke warns Claudia he'll kill Johnny himself if anything happens to Lulu.

Jason thanks Spinelli for arranging the visit from Elizabeth. Max and Milo are concerned when Sonny insists they take the night off instead of guarding him as usual.

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General Hospital
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