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General Hospital
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on General Hospital, Johnny bitterly reminds his sister that they will both have a child's blood on their hands if Michael dies.

Ian counters Jerry's lethal threats with one of his own.

Frustrated when bad weather grounds his jet, Jax looks for another way to get home to Port Charles. At the hospital, Robin insists on scrubbing in for Michael's neurosurgery despite Patrick's objections.

Out in the waiting room, Carly snipes at Sonny for putting their son in the line of fire. Trevor advises Johnny to pin Michael's shooting on Claudia in order to save his own skin.

  • Kate leaps to Sonny's defense, which provokes a sharp rebuke from Jason in turn.
  • Nadine overhears Nikolas and Ian discussing the experimental drug Dr. Devlin has been supplying to the ailing Cassadine prince.
  • Maxie reaches out to Spinelli as he frets about the latest turn of events.
  • Nadine scolds Nikolas for electing to make his young son an orphan just on the hope of spending a little more time with his late fiancee.

Patrick informs Michael's relieved parents that he did succeed in removing the bullet. Johnny orders Claudia to make things right or he'll turn himself over to Sonny.

Sitting in the hospital chapel with Maxie, Spinelli prays for Michael to recover.

Claudia rails at Ian for nearly killing a child. Elizabeth sadly realizes she cannot endanger her own boys by choosing a life with Jason. A tearful Claudia tells Johnny she blames herself for Michael's predicament.

Patrick privately informs Robin that Michael will most likely never wake up again.

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