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General Hospital
Episode Recap
August 13, 2008

Today on General Hospital

Trevor appeals to Sonny to call in some markers and find Johnny before Anthony totally disintegrates. Spinelli is overcome with the heat during the stakeout at Karpov's warehouse.

Delighted to see Jax walk through the door, Carly throws herself into her husband's arms. A shaken Alexis hisses at Anthony to stay away from her daughter. Lulu tells Johnny she knows she's losing her grip on reality.

Jason is forced to abort his mission in order to drive Spinelli to the hospital. Robin and Patrick are excited by their first glimpse of their daughter in utero. As the news sinks in, however, Patrick panics at the thought of trying to parent a little girl.

Meanwhile, Maxie wonders aloud why Matt seems so interested in Robin's baby. Kate icily reminds Trevor that their relationship was over a long time ago.

Robin is amused by Patrick's prematurely playing the over-protective dad. Jax explains to a disappointed Carly that he only came by to see Morgan. Alexis turns to Diane for help dealing with Zacchara's threats.

Maxie snipes at Jason for not taking better care of Spinelli
. Johnny decides to get Lulu the professional help she needs despite the big risks involved in seeking treatment while they're both still fugitives from justice.

Pressed to name the wedding gift he'd like from his fiancee, Sonny asks Kate for a small souvenir from the old Ebbets Field.

Maxie threatens to have Matt fired after he frightens Spinelli with the mention of a possible brain tumor. While eating dinner with Lourdes, Lulu experiences another terrifying hallucination.

Jax accuses Carly of faking a sprained ankle just to keep him around. Alexis finally tells Sonny about Anthony's threats against Kristina.

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