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General Hospital
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on General Hospital ...

Lucky rushes to Sam's side after she's wounded during the shoot-out between Karpov's men and the DEA agents. As Jason looks on, Sonny again assures Kate he's forsaken the mob business for good.

At Shady Brook, Lulu becomes hysterical when Johnny is taken into custody and roughed up by Scott's minions. Karpov cautions Carly not to toy with his affections.

Anthony rattles Elizabeth with his less than subtle threats against herself and her young children. As Lulu is restrained and sedated, Nikolas berates his sister's doctors for strapping her into a straitjacket.

After Sam insists on returning to her apartment instead of going to the ER for treatment, Lucky decides to call Elizabeth for help. Carly surprises Jax with a picnic dinner in his room at the Metro Court.

Sonny explains to a sympathetic Kate how he's lost all trust in his former right hand man. Meanwhile, Bernie warns Jason that Karpov must be eliminated immediately before the current situation spins out of control.

Trevor and Anthony hurry to the precinct house, where a seething Claudia slaps Scott for the way her brother was manhandled.

Sasha attempts to lure Sonny back into the fold
. Carly reminds an amused Jax how she'll do anything she must to win him once more.

Jason tells Bernie he'll handle the hit himself
. As she stitches Sam's superficial wound, Elizabeth guesses that her patient and Lucky staged their very public "break up."

Jason draws a bead on his target but hastily pulls back when a child suddenly appears and runs into Karpov's arms.

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