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General Hospital
August 25, 2008

Today on General Hospital:

Nikolas and a starry-eyed Nadine enjoy a waltz at Wyndemere.

Fearing that a spot of blood on her gown is an evil portent, a superstitious Kate insists on throwing salt over her shoulder and hopping on one foot.

At the warehouse, Spinelli pushes Maxie out of the way of a speeding car and takes the full force of the impact himself. Lulu grows hysterical when Logan again materializes as she visits with Johnny in the interrogation room.

Sam spots Jerry meeting with Karpov on the pier.

A panicked Maxie calls 911 for her injured friend. Sonny attempts to convince his fiancee that she's overreacting when she threatens to get rid of her "cursed" dress.

Nadine suggests to Nikolas that they take another spin around the dance floor but her beeper interrupts a romantic moment.

Jerry surprises Alexis with a picnic dinner in her office. Dismayed to find his kid sister withdrawing, Lucky coaxes Lulu out of the precinct house and hurries her back to Shady Brook.

Over Maxie's objections, Matt takes charge of Spinelli's treatment. Claudia bristles when Scott decides to send Johnny to Pentonville to await trial.

Lulu tearfully confides to Laura how she's losing her grip on reality. Matt tells Spinelli his spleen has ruptured and needs to be surgically removed.

Later, Nadine warns Spinelli not to trust the doctor but Matt pushes his patient to give his consent before he bleeds to death.

To Lulu's amazement, Laura suddenly begins speaking to her.

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General Hospital
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