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General Hospital
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on General Hospital ...

Alexis finds Claudia rifling through her desk and threatens to have the interloper arrested for evidence tampering and obstruction of justice.

At Shady Brook, Lulu cries tears of joy as Laura promises to make everything right. Anthony orders his irked son to put Lulu on the witness stand to strengthen his claim of self-defense.

Nikolas persuades his aunt not to press charges against Claudia.

Carly introduces her husband to Karpov. At the hospital, Spinelli asks an anxious Maxie to decide whether or not he should undergo surgery.

Laura explains to Lulu why she requested that the doctors not tell her family about the change in her condition. Sam reports to Lucky how she spotted Jerry with Karpov on the pier.

Maxie hesitantly agrees to let Matt remove Spinelli's spleen. Jax advises Carly not to get involved with Karpov. Nikolas asks Johnny what Lulu really knows about Logan's death.

Lucky cautions Sam that focusing on Jerry can distract from their mission's main goal. Carly pays a visit to Lulu and wonders about her young cousin's chipper new attitude.

Alarmed to hear Jax's news, Jerry warns his brother to keep Carly away from Karpov at all costs. Epiphany assures Maxie that her friend's operation was a complete success.

Claudia tracks Ric down and reminds him of the deal they struck.

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