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General Hospital
August 4, 2008

Today on General Hospital:

Lulu screams to see Logan suddenly standing before her but the apparition vanishes when Johnny turns around to ascertain what's frightened his girlfriend.

Patrick tells a beaming Robin how sexy and appealing she looks as her pregnancy progresses. Sam fends off Jerry's questions when he wonders why she's skulking around the warehouse.

Nadine again argues with Nikolas about her quest to prove Matt's guilt. A shaken Lulu claims she spotted a rat but Johnny expresses serious doubts about her story.

Jason demands answers from Sonny about his dealings with Karpov. Robin and Patrick are taken aback to find Anna and Noah in a clinch in one of the supply rooms at the hospital.

Lulu finally confides to Johnny her fear that she's losing her grip.

Leyla reluctantly helps Nadine sneak into Matt's bedroom at the Scorpio house. Robin asks her mother if she's genuinely attracted to Noah or just acting on residual feelings for Eli.

Carly bumps into Kate at the free clinic and hisses at her nemesis to watch her back from now on.

Though Sonny insists he's simply protecting his friend from Karpov, Jason angrily accuses him of being deceitful from the start of his new association.

Sam explains to Nikolas why she thinks Jerry may be involved in the counterfeit drug scheme.

Nadine is forced to duck behind a chair when Matt returns home unexpectedly. Jason cautions Carly that Sonny is back in the business.

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